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Fall and Spring Perimeter Sprays

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Whether we like it or not, bugs DO serve a purpose... but not in your home.

Spring is all about new beginnings. Everyone is waking up from their winter hibernation, flowers are blooming, and animals are being born. Sounds lovely doesn't it? Except that also includes an entire new array of insects hatching every spring!

And isn't the season of fall so picturesque? The leaves are changing, pumpkins can be found everywhere, and its finally time to get cozy inside. Except that all of the insects feel the exact same way!

We understand that bugs do serve a purpose, but that doesn't mean we need to live hand- in- hand and share our homes. Perimeter applications are available in the spring and fall to insure the standards of your home are upheld and secure year round.

Each application is applied to the exterior of your property and helps to irradicate over 100 different types of insects. This application lasts approximately 7 months and is safe for pets and children. Inside treatments are also available upon request.

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