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They are known as external parasites and have a multitude of "families".  Many "families" of fleas only breed or live off of one animal species.

For example, some flea families only eat and breed off birds, while others may be exclusive to cats, another to dogs, another to rats, etc.

This does not mean fleas will strictly stay with one host however. If mammals are close in relatedness or relationship (genetically) the host will jump from host to host.

Example: a flea from a wild bird could move and thrive on another bird species, such as domestic poultry.

If the hosts are not closely related in genetics, the flea will still feed off of the host, however, they will not breed on a host they do not specialize in.

Example: A flea may specialize on a cat host, but it can still feed off of a dog or human; however, it will not breed on that dog or human.

Depending on the level of infestation, as well as where the infestation originated, can effect the ease and efficiency of treatment. Many infestations can be treated rather quickly, as long as the problem is addressed quickly and all other flea problems are treated simultaneously (pets are treated with flea shampoos, etc).

Oh no! The dog is scratching again and I feel itchy too!

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If you are now, or have ever been a pet owner, chances are, you've heard of fleas. They are the tiny, brown insects that jump all around, piercing skin, sucking blood, and causing endless itching on, not only pets, but humans. 

These small insects are approximately 3mm in length and jump, rather than walk or fly. They are actually able to jump 7 inches vertically, and 13 inches horizontally! They do not have wings of any type, but they do have longer, stronger back legs that are used to propel them, while small claws are used to attach themselves to their host. Their bodies are covered in hard plates that withstand pressure, and make it easier for the flea to sustain through a host trying to scratch them away.

Flea Treatments and Inspections

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