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All inspections are important so you can understand exactly what is hiding in your home, whether it be concealed structural faults, septic issues, or even a gas leak. If you are buying, selling, or currently residing in a home, make us your first choice for reliable and trusted inspection services.

Home Inspections

Do you attend continuing education classes on electrical, plumbing, roofing, structure, and more? If the answer is no, you probably aren't up-to-date on current standards for today's housing market. Our inspector, Dan Kirkpatrick, has credentials from the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) and is required to maintain continuing education on a yearly basis. That education, along with his vast hands on experience, provides the expertise our customers are look for in a home inspector. 

Septic Inspections

As we all know, spectic systems are vital to our way of life. It is important to have it inspected by a professional to make sure all components are functioning properly. Our septic inspections include:

  • Probing to confirm the location of the septic tank, when necessary
  • Check for cracks or broken tiles on the accessible components
  • Search for evidence of potential problems (odors, seepage of sewage, saturated soil, lush vegetation, etc)
  • Inpsect for adequate surafce drainage
  • Inspect areas adjacent to the absorption area for the evidence of failure or breakout
  • Check for evidence of overflow
  • Inspect that the pump operation is running properly
  • Inspect for sewage system discharge and make sure drainage pipes on the property that may affect, or be affected by, teh treatment system
  • Dye testing for the volume of water and the rate of flow, when necessary

Gas Inpection

  • Test the pressure of the gas line (from the meter)
  • Check flew for proper installation and/or damage
  • Clearance of the line from combustibles
  • All safety issues: rust, evidence of back draft, etc

Well Inspection

The method to properly test water is to let the water run until you are getting water straight from the well, vs. water that has been sitting in your pipes. Water is then collected in a sterile container and delivered to an Ohio EPA Certified Laboratory for testing. Standard real estate transactions test for coliform bacteria, and results can be expected in two to three days. FHA loans require more extensive testing and results can take up to two weeks. D&J House Doctors, LLC does provide a rush service when necessary. This can produce FHA loan results in approximately three days. Certain conditions do apply. Check with us for details.

Home, Septic, and Real Estate Inspections

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