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Quarterly Rodent Package

Keeping rodents at bay can feel like a year round job! In the spring and summer months, chipmunks and voles are very active while they scurry around your eves, foundations, and gardens. In the fall and winter months, mice and rats are looking for a warm, safe place to make a nest.

To combat the year round rodent issues and know your rodent problem is no longer a problem, we offer Quarterly Rodent Packages. This is specifically set up so you can receive year round care of your home, building, or structure without interruption and preset appointments.

Our Quarterly Rodent Package includes the set up of 3 rodent stations (or more upon request). Every quarter (3 months) we will perform an inspection on the property, checking all rodent bait stations and rebaiting each station as neceassary.

See our "Rodent Stations" page to learn more about rodents and how they can affect your daily way of life.

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