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There's good news and bad news about roaches. The good news is, they used  to be the most common and most difficult to control pest. Thanks to better research, understanding, and sanitation practices by homeowners, they've moved to the number three spot on the list. The bad news; roaches are active at night, so if you see roaches in your kitchen during the daylight hours, you may have a bad infestation. 

Roaches don't do structural damage to homes, but they do spread germs and bacteria. Cockroach allergens have also been linked to triggering asthma in both adults and children.

Cockroach prevention includes sealing all holes and cracks that provide access to your home from the outside. Make sure to do this in the basement, as well as, the crawlspace. Keeping food sources scare will also help, although that can be a tough task, because roaches will dine on everything from garbage to wallpaper paste!

Roach Inspections and Treatments

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